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Overseas Americans in Taiwan
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Letter From Barbara Klita
Thank you for your time. Please write the registered letter to president
George Bush, governor of AK Murkowski, Senator Ted Stevens, Lisa Murkowski,
Congressman Dan Young, regarding Fred's disappearance 5.23.03 in Taiwan, East from Taipei, Hualien County, Tienhsiang Catholic Hostel. He paid for 3 nights and he slept only one, the first one 5.22.03. The same day have been check in 2 Chinese, one man, 36 years old with 4 members of family or friends and one woman 41 years old with 4 members of family or friends.
    Nobody see Fred, just this 2 Chinese, next day 5.23.03 at 10AM. Fred went to the public phone, call his girlfriend in Seattle, WA left the message on her answer machine, because she was working. He told her, then he stay in the beautiful mountains Catholic Place in the dormitory with 24 beds, by himself. After, he went to ATM machine to with outdraw USA 50 dollars by his credit card. To do this, he has to ask for help some Chinese, all instruction was in Chinese. He doesn't know Chinese, he just arrived to Taipei 5.20.03, slept 2 nights, and on 5.22.03 to Tienhsiang, where he slept only one night. He never came back to the same hostel. After, when he withdrew the money, there is video camera over-there, only for one person. Who was this? Somebody who help him, ask for money, steel the passport, took him to the mountains, left him with no food, no water, and run away. The passport on black market cost USA 25,000 dollars.
    He came to Taiwan to teach English for HESS, not to be disappeared, vanished. Now I need help to send me here FBI and CIA from USA to Taiwan. This is the first degree murder on American citizen, Fred Frontier, my son.
    After, when he disappeared 5.23.03 somebody brought his backpack and his wallet with all his credit cards, his driver license, USA 5 dollars, return train ticket to Taipei 5.25.03, never used it and put under his pillow in the dormitory. This was happened on 6.7.03.
    Somebody killed him. I don't know where Fred is now? Alive or dead? I would like to know. For this I need all of you help.
    There is another possibility that cult took him in and did sacrifice on him, kill him. Another possibility, Buddhist monastery took him in, and has to forget all his pass, to stay with them, alive. One more, the aboriginal woman took him in her house in the mountains, gave him medicine and he doesn't know from where he comes? He is alive. This is a big problem to resolve.
Barbara Klita, Fred's mother.