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Overseas Americans in Taiwan
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Voter Registration Requirements
  • Alaska Residence Address must be provided: A complete physical residence address must be included on your application. The residence address you provide will be used to assign your voter record to a voting district and precinct. Your application will not be processed if you leave the residence address blank or if you provide a PO Box, HC No. and Box, PSC Box, Rural Route No., Commercial Address or Mail Stop Address on the application.

    If your residence address has been assigned a street number, provide that number. If not, indicate exactly where you live, such as highway name and milepost number, boat harbor, pier and slip number, subdivision name with lot and block, or trailer park name and space number. If you live in a rural village, you may provide the village name as your residence address.

  • Note to Residents Temporarily Out of State: To remain registered in Alaska you must be an Alaska resident and provide your physical residence address within the state. If you are temporarily outside Alaska and have the intent to return, you may wish to maintain your Alaska residence address as it appears on your current registration record. If you provide a new residence address, it must be within Alaska.

  • If you are an Alaska resident registering from out-of-state, you must provide proof of your Alaska residency, such as a copy of your current Alaska driver's license, hunting or fishing license, student loan documents, proof of employment in Alaska, or military leave and earning statements.

  • Identifier: At least one identifier is required to qualify to receive an absentee ballot. This information is maintained as confidential information.

  • If you have been convicted of a felony, you may still be eligible to register and vote if you have been unconditionally discharged. Provide a copy of your discharge papers with this application.

  • For the 2002 Primary Election: Your party affiliation as of 30 days before the election will determine which political party's ballot you will receive. If you are registered as a member of a recognized political party (Alaskan Independence Party, Democratic Party, Green Party, Libertarian Party, Republican Party or the Republican Moderate Party), you will be sent your party's ballot. If you are registered as non-partisan (no party affiliation) or undeclared (no party declared), you will need to choose a party's ballot. If you do not choose a ballot, your application will be returned to you.

  • Overseas Ballots: If your absentee ballot(s) are to be sent outside of the United States and if you will be outside of the United States 60 days prior to and during the election, you will be sent a Special Advance Overseas Ballot.